Colourburst Sweater


The Colourburst Sweater is your chance to show off your colour work skills! The yoke features a pretty zig-zag design that is also super fun to knit. It’s a deceptively simple pattern to follow, so if you aren’t very familiar with stranded colour work, this might be a good option for you. You can find my tips for working with colour and choosing a colour scheme here.


You will need 7mm and 6mm long circular needles and, if you prefer to use them to make the sleeves, some 6mm and 7mm shorter circular or double pointed knitting needles to make the Colourburst Sweater. You will also need 8 stitch markers and a darning needle.

As written, you will need 4 colours to make this pattern (Colours A, B, C and D).

You will need approx. 6 (6) 6/7 (7) 7/8 (8) 8/9 (8/9) 9 skeins of Colour A (your main colour). I used The Meriwool by We Are Knitters or any alternative yarn that matches the necessary tension (e.g., WAK Petite Wool, Drops Air, West Yorkshire Spinners Re:Treat). You will need between 0.5-1 skein of colours B, C, and D each.

This is a great project for using up scrap yarn as you could need as little as half a skein of the Meriwool (approx. 60-70m of each colour) if you only use the colour around the yoke. If you want to add more colour around the cuffs and hem of the sweater, you will need more yarn, possibly up-to a full skein or more depending on how much colour you use and what size sweater you make. I would recommend that you think about where you want to use your colours before you purchase your yarn, especially if you want to add it before the hem. You may wish to order extra yarn, just in case.

Prepare a 10x10cm swatch in stocking stitch before you cast your Colourburst Sweater on to check your tension. You should have 14 stitches over 20 rows. If you have never used a two-stranded colour work technique before, you may also wish to prepare a practice swatch, too.

The sizes XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL are intended to fit a bust measurement of roughly 85-90 (90-95) 95-100 (100-105) 105-110 (110-115) 115-120 (120-125) 125-130 cm with around 5-10cm positive ease. There may be more positive ease for the size XS than the other sizes (approx. 5cm more).