Meet the Maker: an interview with The Yarn Lovers (ad)

It’s probably not surprising to read that I spend a lot of time on Instagram. Like, a lot of time. Whilst there are definitely some pitfalls to this, I really get a kick out of discovering new-to-me brands and makers. Recently I’ve seen a new brand, The Yarn Lovers, crop up on my feed and, me being me, I had to find out more. After all, any brand that makes a point of putting its yarn and makers first is alright by me! If The Yarn Lovers is also new to you, allow me to tell you a little bit about them…

This brand is all about high quality yarns that won’t break the bank. They’re definitely on the more affordable end of the market but without any compromise to the quality of the product. There’s a good mix of synthetic-animal blends and vegan-friendly yarns on offer in their line up in a range of pretty colours to suit all tastes. I myself have tried the Egyptian Cotton and the Metallic Cotton (both kindly gifted) and am really impressed by both of them. The Egyptian Cotton in particular is really special – it’s right up there with my favourite cottons on the market. I’ll try and get a proper review done before the end of the summer but, for now, know that it is firmly TKPG approved! They don’t ship to the UK just yet but, as soon as they do, I’ll make sure to let you know.

To get to know more about the brand, I asked the lovely Chloe to tell me a little bit more about TYL. So, without any further ado, meet The Yarn Lovers!

How do you describe The Yarn Lovers?

The Yarn Lovers is a cool yarn brand offering all kinds of yarns: vegan and mixed in all colors but at affordable prices! Our goal is to allow all makers to create without breaking the bank 🙂 Also, we offer free and paid patterns of knitting, crochet… made by us or by makers (coming soon!) in order to propose nice modern patterns and share the love in the makers community!

Where do you get inspiration for your yarns?

We get the inspiration for our yarns from trends, brands, influencers… We are very connected to the Instagram world and this is basically there where we get all our inspiration! 

What are your crafting essentials?

A few pairs of knitting needles, our yarns, a tape measure, a piece of paper with a pen and instagram to create patterns!

What’s your all-time favourite project?

My all-time favourite project is the first pattern I released on the website of The Yarn Lovers: the Shine Bright Like Bandana. A small and super easy knitting project but It’s truly the beginning of the brand!

Where’s your favourite place to sit and knit?

My favourite place to sit and knit is definitely my bed! I don’t know why I love to knit in my bed… I feel comfortable, in my bubble, with a TV show… Love to spend hours knitting in bed haha.

Editorial note: Yep, me too! Bed knitting is the best knitting.

What’s a product that every crafter should keep in their stash?

I think that every crafter should have cotton in their stash. Is this absolutely the perfect yarn for all seasons: winter, summer… so soft and easy to knit!

What’s your top tip for new knitters?

Start with a small project, choose a bulky yarn (the bigger, the easier) and never give up! It seems a common tip but really follow this and you’ll become a great knitter! Even if you try and fail sometimes, if you do it again and again you’ll get on. Patience is key 🙂

How did you learn to knit?

I (Chloé) started to learn to knit with my grandma (so original haha) but I quickly stopped because the yarn and needles I was using were too fine and then I started again to knit with Alberto Bravo the co-founder of We Are Knitters, such a good professor! Now, I can’t stop knitting, ups!

Editorial note: NOT. JEALOUS. AT. ALL!

Quick fire: Knitting or crochet? Tea or coffee? Cotton or wool?

Knitting. Both but more Tea (Chaï Latte lover). Cotton.

And that’s it! Thanks so much to Chloe for taking the time to answer my questions and for sending the yarn for consideration. I am genuinely really impressed by both cottons and can see them being future summer staples.

You can find out more about The Yarn Lovers on their website here and their Instagram here.

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