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Happy Friday, friends! I’m happy to be bringing you another interview style post with the ever-so-lovely Simona of KNiTT. KNiTT is another of my favourite indie shops, specialising in high-quality and affordable yarn brands like Filcolana, Drops and Lana Gatto, as well as a range of beautiful notions and knitting storage solutions from super trendy muud living. I discovered KNiTT when I was looking for Scandi yarn brands from a reliable source and asked Instagram. So many people told me to check out Simona’s shop and I’m so glad I did! Not only is she an absolute delight, her customer service, attention to detail and passion for the craft are so inspiring to me.

Simonas’s Instagram feed is a big source of inspiration with me. She makes so many beautiful things by some of my favourite designers and has turned me on to some great designs and brands. Indeed, Filcolana is one of my current yarn obsessions, so you can imagine that I spend a LOT of browsing her feed and site, adding to my dream yarn stash. In fact, I highly recommend checking out their Peruvian Highland Wool in combination with their mohair, Tilia, both of which you can find at KNiTT. I am also SUPER excited to try out the Stockholm needle case, which Simona very kindly sent me (and made me cry tears of joy in the process – thank you SO much!) and the Lofoten XL Bag from muud to celebrate being able to take my knitting out with me in the near future!

I hope that you enjoy reading this post and take the time to check KNiTT out! I’m really enjoying learning more about the people behind my favourite indie shops so, without any further interruptions from me, let’s chat with Simona!

Image credit: KNiTT

Filcolana Tilia held together with WAK’s Petite Wool is one of my FAVE combos at the moment. The halo is dreamy. The shades Latte and Light Truffel are pictured here.

How would you describe KNiTT?

KNiTT is a larger scale of what my stash would look like – I sell things that I would buy and use myself…and in fact I do use far too much of it myself! [TKPG interjection: this resonates with me so much – such impressive self-control!]

What prompted you to start your own shop?

A trip to Amsterdam few years ago. It was winter and my husband and I got stranded due to heavy snow, and our flight was delayed. I came across a yarn shop and I just felt like a kid in a sweet shop. The idea of having a shop never left me and here I am – a year and a bit later – with my own little online store. The ultimate goal is definitely a physical shop as well though.

The dreamy Stockholm needle case from muud, which was kindly provided to me from KNiTT

What are your knitting essentials?

Quality wool, a good set of needles, and stitch markers. I love natural fibres and my favourite yarn is mohair – the halo look does it for me. Recently, I switched from aluminium needles to wood and I love it. I never thought that what a needle is made of would make a big difference, but it does. It’s very hard to explain why, but it does seem there’s less clinking, and it just feels natural in my hands. The stitch markers, whilst not essential, are just such a fun step in the making process.

What’s your all-time favourite project?

There are so many projects, but my favourite has to be the Roxy Dress I made for my daughter which I knitted when she was one.  I’ve kept the dress even though she outgrew it a long time ago. It reminds me of the beginning of my knitting journey, and I really believe that you appreciates the things that you’ve made yourself a bit more, especially if it’s part of a journey. [TKPG interjection: this is so sweet! I completely agree. Self-made pieces are so special, especially when they’re an early project.]

Where’s your favourite place to sit and knit?

The serious knitting happens in the evening, so my favourite place has to be a sofa. I know it’s boring, but I do think I have got the best sofa that there is going, so that’s where the magic happens. I also like to watch TV whilst knitting and I’m currently engrossed in The Handmaid’s Tale. What a great show. [TKPG interjection: Yes! So good!]

Adorable image dredit: KNiTT

What’s a product that every crafter should keep in their stash?

A tape measure. It’s a must for every crafter. You can’t guess the measurements if you want a perfect result.

More Filcolana in action. This time, it’s more Tilia in the shade Latte (I told you I love it!) held with the Peruvian Highland Wool in the shade Chai, for the Zipper Sweater by Petite Knit

What’s your top tip for new knitters?

Enjoy the process and never give up. It might look daunting at the beginning, but everyone had to start somewhere. Learn the basics – cast on, knit stitch, cast off…and you’re good to go. Garter stitch, which is only knit stitches, is my all time favourite, and the possibilities are endless from washcloths to sweaters. As a knitter you will never stop learning, which is great. There are so many helpful tips and videos online, so use them. The knitting community is amazing – join knitting clubs, groups, etc.

How did you learn to knit?

Where I grew up, knitting was a big part of my teenage years. We even had lessons in school where everyone learned to knit and crochet! But the basics came from my grandma. I was knitting socks and selling them in a market with my cousin at the age of eight, which was a great way to make some pocket money. But then I had hiatus for 20 years where I didn’t knit at all. But the love to knitting came back when I got pregnant with my daughter (she’s 4 now). I started with a hat and then moved on to baby sweaters, trousers, dresses and then I knit my first cardigan by Petitknit – “No Frills Cardigan”. Since then, I am hooked, and it’s the best way to relax! Anyone who has toddlers knows how stressful it can get sometimes, so knitting really is my rehab!

Image credit: KNiTT

Quick fire round! Knitting or crochet?

Knitting or crochet?


Tea or coffee?

Coffee and loads of it (mostly reheated) [TKPG interjection: seconded!!]

Cotton or wool?


You can find Simona’s wonderful shop here and check out her projects on her Instagram here. Thank you so much for reading! You can find other Meet the Maker posts here.

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