No Frills Knitting: My Top 5 Picks

My top 5 picks

Narrowing the list of goodies in the No Frills Knitting shop down to just 5 was HARD. There are so many interesting and high-quality products in the No Frills shop, and I can’t wait to order more. Safe to say that it’s my go-to for topping up my stash going forward! I have (quite cheekily) borrowed these beautiful photos from the No Frills site as they are so lovely.

I should add that Meg very kindly provided me with a £20 voucher for my first purchase from No Frills Knitting. However, I happily went a bit overboard and ended up ordering several more things as part of that first order and again since then. I am very excited to try the blocks of wool soap, for instance! I’ll report back on those next time it’s blocking or wash day.

It’s also worth adding that the No Frills store contains little kits that are perfect if you’ve never tried knitting before or have never tried a particular technique before. For instance, there’s the Starter Sock Kit and a Learn to Knit Kit that would make perfect gifts. If you’re already a stitching pro, then you might want to check out the Knitwear Hibernation Kit or the No Frills Knit Care Kit to make the most of your precious knitted pieces. If you took the time to make something, it’s well worth investing in your stash to look after it properly. Especially when the prices for such high quality products are so good!

Edit: No Frills Knitting is now also a vendor of Sandnes Garn yarns. These are super tricky to get hold of in the UK so I was *very* excited when Meg started to stock them. I (very unselfishly… cough cough) bit the bullet and ordered a range of yarns from her line-up. I’ll work on reviews over the next few months and put together my own little edit of recommendations. So far, so good!

Image credit: @nofrillsknitting

Pony perfect interchangeable needles

For ages now, I’ve been told that interchangeable needles were an essential. I resisted for a while, stocking up on various needles as I went. But I have seen the light! First things first: the needles screw in with the cord very securely. They won’t come apart as you work. Secondly, the needles are really comfortable in your hand. The wood blend feels nice under your fingers (even for my sensitive skin) and the yarn slides over them with ease. If you haven’t tried this range before, it’s well worth a look, even if you don’t go for the interchanges. It’s worth noting that Meg also stocks connectors for your Pony interchangeable needles, should you need a new one. You can buy them as a set (link here) or individually (link here to all of the No Frills Knitting needles).

Image credit: @nofrillsknitting

Pony rosewood DPKNs

Okay, as lovely as the Pony Perfect range is, the Rosewood is truly next level. I opted for some DPKNs to go with the beautiful sock yarn I also purchased from No Frills Knitting and they are a dream to use. They are so smooth and yarn glides over them like nothing I’ve encountered before. If you’re a fan of premium yarns like me, I think it’s well worth investing in your needles too. Trust me when I say that you are getting your money’s worth here. FWIW, the needles are also very pretty. The deep red is just delightful to look at. They are available in sizes 3mm-10mm here.

Image credit: @nofrillsknitting

Emergency crochet hooks

Because you never know when you’re going to find yourself in a crochet emergency. Need I say more!! In all seriousness, I think this is an ingenious product. It’s really useful having the three hooks (3mm, 4mm and 5mm) all in one place on a key chain in case of dropped stitches or a spontaneous desire to chain. Find this essential item here.

Image credit: @nofrillsknitting

Tin of stitch markers

I go through stitch markers like nobody’s business. Seriously, they crop up all over our house but when I want to find one, I never can. Having a set of pretty and durable stitch markers in a tin is ideal for someone like me. They’re also very comfortable to use and, I think, very elegant. Here’s the link.

Image credit: @nofrillsknitting

D-shaped comb

Everyone needs a D-shaped comb, regardless of whether you knit or not. So many yarns are prone to pilling and a D-shaped comb can take care of that for you with minimal effort. Gently work the comb over your knits to de-fuzz them and get them back to looking brand new. You’d be amazed what one of these can do! I already had a D-shaped comb in my stash, so didn’t pick one up… But I did get a Y-shaped comb which is perfect for my big chunky knits. Blanket fluff be gone! Pick up a No Frills comb here.

You can pick up all these bits and more from No Fills Knitting here, and find Meg on Instagram @nofrillsknitting here! Read my post asking Meg a few questions about knitting, her business, and her caffeine preferences here.

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